Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They Call Him "Big Fish"

When my boys were little and would go fishing with their dad, they played a little game. Whoever caught the most fish or the biggest fish would capture the title "Big Fish". They would come home and I would always ask,' Who was "Big Fish" today?
Recently my oldest son went fishing with his friend and they only caught one fish the whole time. My son caught it and it was a big one. Of course I went out and took some pictures:

Later on, my son came in the house and took my camera to take some more pictures,
apparently I didn't capture everything!

I know...too much information!!


  1. It's huge! I didn't realize their teeth were so far back. Good job for the Big Fish!

  2. Hahah!! Shame on you for not capturing the WHOLE essence of nasty-fish-face! TOO FUNNY


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