Saturday, April 4, 2009

Counting Down With Kayla!


Kayla had the baby girl early...Sunday night. Baby and mommy are doing great!


Do you mommies remember the last few days of pregnancy? Remember how labor and the new baby is all that you think about and how time seems to d-r-a-g- by so slow? How you are sitting on ready, and nothing is happening? Every cramp, pain, tinge brings a hopeful cry - is this it???

My niece Kayla is very pregnant with her second child. She has an adorable son named Coleman and is expecting a baby girl. She will be induced on Wednesday if she does not have the baby before then. To help her pass the days and to help these aunts and cousins who are grasping for news about Kaya...I've hijacked her blog (with her permission of course!).

Updates on Kayla will be posted on her blog: Being A Mommy. Please pray for Kayla through this week for the Lord to give her peace as she waits, comfort and strength and energy to complete each day. Feel free to drop Kayla a comment and let her know you're thinking of her.


  1. Hoping for good news soon!! So exciting waiting for the big announcement - even if its someone you've never known....just as fun!!

  2. Joyfull, what great news! A new baby is such a tremendous joy! Prayers for Kayla and your family!


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