Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just For the Joy of It

Good, True & Beautiful

My "Just For the Joy of it" will be anticipated joy for today!  Meaning, it hasn't happened yet, it is still too early!  My middle son has been working out at school in hopes of being a part of the high school football team. This week they stepped up the training a bit and had to be there by 7:00 AM!  You fellow moms know what that means...up earlier, lunches packed, other kids ready to go, details for the day get done and then we take the kid where he needs to be!  So, it is just after 7:00 and I am in my office with one child sleeping until I take him to school and I have a little extra time to blog.

One spot of joy for me will be a new exercise class that  I just found.out about and will try it out later today I have found that exercise is vital to me being able to handle the daily tasks of life with vibrance and energy. Short work outs in the morning and an evening walk are the usual ways I try to keep in shape.  But often times the activities of church or sports interferes with this.  There are local gyms, but I just don't want to put myself in that atmosphere.  But, there is a fitness trainer who does an exercise class at a local church, with a good time slot that works for me.  Plans are to go there today and I am excited!!

Then tonight two of our boys will be participating in the local fair and livestock show. They have raised show pigs for a few months now, feeding and working with them and will be showing them tonight.  It will be my youngest son's first time and our family is excited!

Being a mom brings me great joy.  Having the energy to be an active part of their activities is a wonderful blessing.  A little time to myself to do something fun for me also brings me joy!  We are looking forward to a great day!!


  1. How neat to have a trainer at the church....great idea! I hope you really enjoy it. I just cannot "get into" the gym either and right now I tend to use that as an excuse - apparently, there are other options!:)

  2. Wow! Lots of excitement -- and joy! Thanks for sharing...

  3. I hope your son's practice went well, and that your new exercise regime works well for you... I would love to join in for something like that. I need the accountability!

    Thanks for sharing your JOYS!


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