Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Structure and Sunrises

Mornings are the best time of my day. My energy level is up and I have a pretty good morning routine down. I try to wake up the same time and do things in a structured manner and go on a time limit. Lots of things get done then which may not get done if not done in the morning. Things like devotions, exercise and getting the house in order for the day, so when we come home in the afternoon, things are still flowing. There is not much room for variance in my routine. STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE, STRUCTURE!!!

One of my DS does things a bit differently than me in the mornings. He lays in bed and thinks out his plans for the day, he wanders in the kitchen to consider his breakfast (WHAT? No previous plan??!!) He doesn't move very fast and sometimes there is some friction as he just does not go along with my morning plan/routine.

The other morning he ambled in the kitchen where I was washing dishes, making lunches and planning supper. He opens the door, looks outside and I ask him "what are you doing, get moving!!" Sensing my anxiety, he says, "I was just looking out the door, you the pinks and blues of the know?" Stopped in my tracks. NO, I did not know. Because I was so busy "doing things", I didn't take time to stop and enjoy a sunrise. I went to the door with him and did stop and enjoyed a look out with him next to me. That moment was much more productive than my routine. Taking a look at a beautiful sunrise - reflecting how great our God is to have created it, enjoying a moment with ds just the two of us was worth stopping my routine to embrace the important things.

So, I am attempting to keep order, structure in my life and home, but equally balance those precious, unplanned moments that will forever be cherished in my heart.


  1. While I do like order, I am more like your husband. My hubby is out of bed and down to business. I like to take my time and think. He is right about noticing the sunrise---we all need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

  2. I forgot to clarify clearly ( new to blogging!!) Dear Son is 13 years old. Seems like he had a lesson for Mom! We all need to slow down!

  3. Hi Joyce!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment so I could find you in blogland! I can see right off the bat that we have a lot in common....home, family, the Lord! This post is so true...we DO need to stop down from our schedules and find those moments--especially great when they are shared.

    Our son is 13, too. Great age, I love it.

  4. I would love to see you share your morning schedule with me. I work outside the home, and struggle with keeping my home.


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