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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Frozen Eucalyptus Towels

One of the exciting thing about using essential oils, is that there are so many ways to use them!  They can be used for aromatic uses, topical uses, relaxation, disinfecting, healing and comfort.  I am totally in love with them!  

I recently found a recipe for frozen eucalyptus towels.  This one would have been a life saver through the summer, but it is one to keep for sure!  

Eucalyptus oil can soothe, relax muscles and clear nasal passages. Headache and migraine pain may be triggered or exacerbated by stress, making relaxation an important part of headache treatment. Peppermint and lavender are also good essential oils for headaches. 

  • First, start with some washcloths. 
  • Next, put a couple cups of water in a container.
  • Add about 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the water and stir.
  • One at a time, submerge the towel in the water-oil mixture, and squeeze out the excess liquid. Fold in half then roll it up.
  • Place on a cookie sheet in a single layer and place them in the freezer.
  • Freeze until solid (it took mine a couple hours).

To enjoy, place the frozen towel on your face, head, or wherever you need a bit of cooling. It may be better to use it rolled up and slowly unroll it as it thaws as opposed to trying to open it up right away to prolong the cooling effect. 
Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Faith

Friday is here again and instead of sharing my favorite moments of the week, there were some Scriptures that were not just my a highlight of the week, but were life and breath to my soul. 

There is a Scripture chain going around Facebook where for 10 days you share a favorite Scripture and tag others to do the same.  I don't have time to participate, but the idea is wonderful.

At our home this week, we are adjusting to a new normal. We went from an organized schedule consisting of work, church, activities to a time of intentional rest and healing for our son.  Some of our days involved keeping the house quiet while he rested, then a full day of doctor visits. We are alternating activity without becoming overwhelmed. 

Times like this draw us to seek comfort and strength from the Lord.  When we are alert and asking for guidance, God's Word provides a hope that is found no where else.  Situations we don't choose to go through can be likened to a tunnel, the only way out is to go through it. 

A devotion read this week recounted Jesus' wilderness experience.  He entered in, led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted and tried and He exited filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered. "Desert places can become places of deliverance and God can even turn spiritual desert into times of refreshment." Jesus often meets us in the desert places of life.

A verse many use in times of trouble is Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."  At the end of this tunnel, we are looking for good - God's good. 

A mama's heart gets overwhelmed thinking of the 'what if's'.  God truly spared our son's life. God is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He has great plans for each of us and a reminder quote was "if your still breathing, God's not done". 

The road ahead will be challenging. Fear always lurks close by. A sermon heard challenged my faith with thoughts such as "The true secret to living brave is not in trying to fear less. The real secret is in learning how to TRUST GOD MORE!".   
"You can't truly be an overcomer until you have faced some obstacles that you have to come over."

Scripture that builds that faith needs to be within reach at all times, but during times of challenge it is our lifeline.  At the beginning of a 'health journal' we are keeping to keep medicine times straight, observations and notes, the first page is a page of Scripture we are praying. These truly bring grace and peace to our home and family.  They are powerful and allow us to speak life.  The power of life or death is in our tongues. This week, our faith was lifted by speaking life. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mama Always Said 'It Could Always Be Worse'

A fond childhood memory for me was to hear my father lovingly share about the time he and my mother first met.  Dad was a city boy from Boston, Mom was a country girl who moved to the city for school, which is where they met.  Dad tells of trying to get to know her and the vast difference in their culture and upbringing.  My favorite story is when Dad asked Mom if she liked tropical fish, (he loved aquariums and looking at beautiful tropical fish), she replied, "I've never tasted any!"  To her, fish was only to be a meal, that how things are in the country.  

My sweet mama wasn't a woman full of wise words, but she was a true servant.  She loved others unconditionally and she demonstrated it through meeting needs.  But, one of the wisest things she ever said to me was, "no matter how bad it is, somebody always has it worse than you.". She told me that in the midst of her husband dying a traumatic death 8 days before my wedding. As she grieved her husband and faced terrible circumstances surrounding the situation, she placed her focus on the wedding and made our occasion her priority. She reminded us often with thanksgiving, that 'it could be worse'. These weren't just words spoken, it was how she lived her life.

Our family recently faced a crisis as our son was involved in at ATV accident.  Most of the time a crisis turns our focus and attention inward, to our immediate needs.  It is very easy to become consumed by the situation and see only what is going on in front of us.  Thankful - doesn't begin to describe our hearts, they are truly full to overflowing with thanks to God for His mercy and help in this situation.  Our son is alive and on the road to recovery. 

We spent several days in the hospital with our son in the trauma department and ICU ward. Walking by the same waiting rooms each day we saw many families going through crisis.  Mama's words rang true day after day, it could be worse.  Day after day, we heard the sound of the life flight helicopter landing.  We now understood, that meant more than emergency, a family was about to walk through a traumatic, life altering time. 

We met a few people who will be forever etched in our hearts. They continue to be in our prayers for they have a long, hard battle.  Will you join me in praying for these ones we met, but there are so many more.

J. - who was shot, unable to recognize his mother for days.  This will be a long path to healing for them.
H - a young teenager involved in a car accident. He is very critical and it is a day by day situation.
J - came across the country to be with his mother after her auto accident. She passed away and he is far from home with no one to be with him.
The lady sitting alone in the waiting room crying - a promise of prayer was made to her.
A patient with an aneurysm, whose faithful family sat in the ICU waiting room, praying for her recovery.
A family dealing with critical injuries for 2 young children due to an auto accident.

Yes, it can always be worse. But there is hope, God is a healer, helper, comforter and our strength.  God is bigger than the situation and He is able to work all things out for good.  He knows all, sees all and holds all power in His hands.  So, as it can always be worse, there is always room for God to work.  "If your still breathing, God's not done with you."  Nothing is impossible with God. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

From Friday to Friday - A Big Swing

Last Friday found me a little bit out of my element. Several co-workers and myself were finishing up from a few days at a ministry conference. It was a wonderful few days of bonding together, sharing and growing in the knowledge of how to minister to others. Beautiful accommodations, excellent workshops, just a wonderful experience.

But, no matter how beautiful and accommodating the conference was, there is no place like home. A Saturday spent at home after being gone a few days was pure bliss. 

But after that day of restoration at home, the new week took a different turn.  On Sunday evening our 22 year old son was involved in an atv accident and was life flighted to a trauma center an hour away.  He suffered severe head trauma and spent several days in ICU, but was stable and able to communicate with us some.
This was the new view for the beginning of the week.

Lots of time spent here at the bedside through the week. As the adrenaline wore off, there was time to ponder and be still. So many 'what if's' began to crowd my mind.  As they did, I was reminded of God's great grace, protection and peace.  He truly upheld each of us and showed Himself mighty as our Healer, Protection, Suppler, Comfort and Strength. Any mama who has sat at the edge of a hospital bed will understand a depth of gratitude that truly overwhelms the heart.  God is so good. 

On Wednesday, he took a turn for the better.  After days of barely communicating, barely being able to follow simple commands, extreme grogginess and  nausea, we saw some improvement. Through out the day, he became more alert, able to communicate and begin the road to recovery. 

This son is the personality of our family, he is outgoing, friendly and in the middle of the social scene, he truly is the life of the party.  He had friends that came to the hospital the night of the accident and every night he was there.  Even when he couldn't respond to them or remember they were there, they kept coming back. Finally on Thursday night, they came again, and he gladly welcomed them!

This Friday finds him ready to be released from the hospital and a family with a full heart.  My Friday Faves are the deep things that can only be found in a crisis, the loving support of friends and family, doctors and health care workers and their fabulous care, so many willing to step in and help out to make sure every need was met.  But most of all, the loving care of a Heavenly Father, who holds all life in His hands, His love reaches down when we are weak, and He guides us and fills us with His peace, comfort and strength.  Thank you, Lord, for Your unfailing love. 
Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Baking and Apple DIsappointments

When fall finally arrives...I'll be ready!  House is decorated, autumn scented candles are lit every night and all that is left is to find some delicious things to bake!

Our local produce stand (the only one) recently closed down.  It was locally owned with mostly local produce. There was always a good price on apples and they were delicious.  Since its closing, I've refrained from buying any apples since it is hard to buy a good apple from the chain grocery stores. Finally since I wanted to try a recipe, bought a bag of apples.  The prices were so high, it was easier to buy a big bag rather than a few individual apples.  Well, they are awful!  No rich, sweet apple taste.  But, with a few added ingredients, they do make delicious homemade applesauce and muffins.  

Fall baking is something I love to do when the weather cools down.  The smells and taste of pumpkin are my favorite, but due to our overabundance of apples, fall baking will begin early..with apples!

Homemade applesauce with The Pioneer Woman's recipe will now be a staple at our home!  It is delicious and very easy to prepare. 

Glazed Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal bread is the next project.  Anything you can mix by hand is a winner in my book!  

There is nothing that brings warmth and love to the family like something home baked!