Friday, September 14, 2007

More Patience

Well...through our home improvement project, we are growing in character. It was funny about sharing the bathroom and shower, but at least we could take one. Last night two sons took their shower, I was next and then the son who had earlier had football practice was to follow. Just when I began...I felt a POP through the water and the cold water completely left. I turned off the faucet - dripping wet and discovered WATER pouring out from a pipe under the toilet. It was flowing like a fountain and before I could call for help, it was ankle deep. DH (Dear husband) went to turn the water off outside at the pump and by then it was flowing out the hallway. So...we vacuumed, toweled and mopped water up. Early this morning (6:00 AM) my dear in laws let myself and son (who desperately needed a shower) come use their home to get ready for our day. DH has spent most of today on it - he is wonderful, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.
However inconvenient this may be for our home, we are always blessed. And to take some advice from Romans 5:3 "...knowing that tribulations produce perseverance, and perseverance, character and character, hope." This minor issue shall too pass and hopefully we will all have a bit more character in our home...although we deeply appreciate water now!!!'
Hope you all have a blessed weekend.


  1. Ooops so sorry to hear about your water leak, those are no fun at all. Enjoy your new bathroom!
    I added you to my blog listings, would love for you to add me to yours :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm sorry--I just don't envy you having the remodeling. We had painters in the house last year for three weeks. Ugh! I know the outcome is always worth it--but the process is a pain! So sorry about the water leak--hope it's all better now.

  3. I'm so sorry about the water leak! What a pain! I feel sorry for your husband--having to spend all day working on it! Glad you and your son got showers without too much of a headache!

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  5. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! Things like that have happened to us and sometimes it gets real tiring! One of the worst was when we were preparing for carpet to be installed the next morning and my son decided to pick up his 25 gallon fish tank and carry over the carpet that we WERE NOT replacing and that is where it broke! We had 25 gallons of dirty fish tank water all over the carpet and it even leaked through the floor and was dripping on the wall downstairs! We tried to clean it up the best we could and all the fish died :0( But the biggest disappointment for me was I never got to enjoy the new carpet smell because all the bacteria in the spilled fish water started growing and smelled like a dead animal. We had to have it professionally cleaned a couple of times! Gross! But, that is life with boys and I wouldn't trade it! I loved your scripture.

    You have a sweet Blog! Sharon


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