Thursday, September 13, 2007

Move Over Boys....Mama's Moving In

Yep, I'm invading my three son's space. With three sons and one husband, I am seriously outnumbered...and love it! Boys are FUN, but different. We learn and "compliment" (no - adapt is a better word) each other. DH (dear husband) is in the middle of a major bathroom home improvement project. In the master bathroom (which is mainly MY space with room for MY things), the shower has been pulled out and a new one is being installed. With any home improvement project, there are delays. So I am getting a lesson in patience.

But meanwhile, this means that all five us share the bathroom which has always been "the boys bathroom". It is getting a complete makeover. I thought it was cute, moving their Old Spice Body Wash and Suave Men's Hair Shampoo over to make room for my Aura Spa Aromatherapy Calming Lavender Sage Shampoo and Conditioner. Until the first morning when it was on the floor - sideways - cast off without respect or care.....For years I have tried to keep their stuff organized. In a nice basket, under the sink, in cute organizing containers. To no avail. EVERYTHING they need is laid out on the small sink. I finally convinced one son to put his stuff in something since everyone else was using it. He gets a disposable Hardee's cup and puts everything in it and leaves it on the counter. Not my idea of "nice".

But we are all adapting at sharing this special time together. Since there is no room to be orderly, we have all our stuff together: Spiderman face mask for the bathtub, the infamous Hardees organizer, my pink razor and sweet and smooth shaving cream, lavender shampoo and conditioner, pouffes, body wash etc. Old Spice Body Wash, Ax Body name it, it is in there. So with boys.


  1. It's so funny how they "organize" compared to us girls! That's just too funny--everything stuffed in a Hardee's cup!:)

    Hope your renovations are completed soon!!

  2. Yea for you getting a new bathroom!!! You deserve it. You will have to take some pics and post when it is finished.

    Yes boys are different... I grew up with a brother. Enough said!

  3. Thanks for coming by my blog! Enjoy your weekend!


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