Thursday, September 27, 2007

Show and Tell Friday

Last Friday was my first week in participating in Show and Tell Friday at Kelli's House . It was so much fun seeing everyone's items to show and many came here to my blog and left sweet comments.

So this week, I'm going to share my love of plants with you.

These are in a corner of my porch.

These are in another corner!

This is what the last corner looks like on the back porch.

Here is a small area I've decorated with a few plants.

Here is a flower that was blooming beautifully when I was taking pictures!

Make sure and visit Kelli's House and check out the great Show and Tell Friday!


  1. so pretty--love all of that--God is so good to bless us with things green, growing and beautiful!! They are so cheerful --I feel when I look at them that I am breathing in gifts from his heavenly touch!!

  2. Your plants are so pretty. I don't have much luck with houseplants, my house is too dark.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thank you so much for dropping by to visit with me and taking the time to comment.....

    Your flowers are lovely and so lush looking....aren't we so thankful for flowers...what a dark world this would be without them.....Betty

  4. What a wonderful show and tell. I don't have a green thumb - so I really admire your plants and your talent! I have mostly artificial plants inside! :D And if it wasn't for my sweet hubby, I'd have a lot of 'brown' plant outside!

  5. I'm always really impressed with people who can keep plants alive. Yours are wonderful and you must have that gardening touch!

  6. It is so pretty. Love it!


  7. so pretty and a wonderful display of color and natures wonder

  8. Your porch looks so relaxing and very pretty I can imagine sitting in a chair with a cup of tea enjoying the beauty of all the plants and flowers.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of your world with us.

  9. I'd say you have a very green thumb. Lovely!

  10. Your plants are lovely! I don't have a green thumb at all, and I admire that ability to care for plants.

  11. Beautiful plants. I have 2 houseplants that are surviving...barely. I'm good at killing them. Oh, well.

  12. Your plants are just beautiful and I love your back porch too!
    Thank you for joining in for show and tell again!


  13. Wow! Beautiful. You really have a green thumb! I am envious because I tend to always kill my plants. Good job!

    Smiles ~ Sharon


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