Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Those Husbands.....

In my household we are blessed with three sons. There is a broad spectrum in their ages and interests and things that are important to each one. This week we had some crisis which ranged from no gas or money (16 year old), never getting to do anything (13 year old), to losing a first tooth (6 year old). Like many mothers, I feel like our children are absolutely wonderful, but sometimes extremely time and energy consuming. Mothers take such care to keep the children fed, dressed well, educated and happy. In an earlier post, I posted a prayer for children which I love to do - pray for those godly qualities to be formed and evident in their lives.

Sometimes, our dearest treasure - our mate for life - husband can get somewhat overlooked, or treated like on of the children ( we just feed and clothe them, give them directions and tell them to "come on"). We'll talk more about how to make him feel special and loved and appreciated soon, but I wanted to post a prayer for husbands today. Prayer for our husbands is one of our most important duties and priveleges: Here is a way to pray for him from head to toe:

Pray for his mind, that he will have the rich experience of knowing Christ with real certainty and clear understanding. (Colossians 2:2,3)

That he will take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. (II Corinthians 10:5)

Pray for his eyes that he may see life from God's perspective and be on the alert for spiritual danger. (2 Kings 6,17, 2 Cor. 16:13)

Pray for his ears that he will hear God's voice giving him wisdom and direction. (Deut. 4:36,Psalms 78:1)

Pray for his nose that his life will be refreshing to others and a life-giving fragarance. (2 Corinthians 2:15)

Pray for his mouth that he will have great boldness in witnessing for God and that the words of his mouth and the meditation of his heart will be acceptable to God. (Acts 4:29, Psalm 19:14)

Pray for his bones, that he will be healthy like a watered garden (Isaiah 58:11)

Pray for his heart that he will be filled with God alone and that God will create in him a clean heart filled with pure thoughts and right desires. (James 4:8 Psalms 51:10)

Pray that he will trust God with all of his heart and not lean on his own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Pray for his hands that he will pray with holy hands lifted to God, free from sin, anger and resentment, (I Timothy 2:8)

Pray for his legs that he will walk by faith and not by sight. (II Corinthians 5:7)

And for his feet that God will keep him from discouragement and set his feet on a firm path. (Psalms 40:2)


  1. Well I will pray for you too... you are so outnumbered at your house. I am glad that JB lost his tooth. Tell M that we will hook him up with a job after golf... be patient. :) Hey if he ever feels like washing a car or anything send him over. I will pay so I don't have to do it!!!!

  2. I love your idea of praying for our husbands from head to toe!!


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