Monday, October 15, 2007

Because I'm the Mom, That's Why

My sons are spaced out in years and maturity, and that brings lots of humor into our life. My youngest is 6 year old, but acts like he is 16, since he is around his brothers so much. He has been making comments like "why do you get to do whatever you want, watch TV, go to bed late, etc. the things he wants to do, but alas, has some restrictions and feels so very deprived. My very original response to these comments has been: "Because I'm the Mom, that's why". That sums it up doesn't it??!!

Well, on our weekend shopping trip, the older boys used their own money to buy a pair of boots. The carefully measured how much they would need and were handling it so well. In a store, my oldest (16) found a shirt he liked and wanted to buy. He asked me if he could get it. I told him he could get it... with his money. That wasn't what he had in mind, and asked me could I please buy it for him? I jokingly asked him why he wanted me to buy it when he had his own money. Guess what his answer was? "Because your the Mom, that's what you do"!!!

So I guess my cute saying has various meanings!


  1. Okay that is just funny. You know it is so hard for me to think of him being 16... Time flies.

    So did you get the shirt? Did you give in?


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