Monday, November 5, 2007

Are There Any Boys In the House????

This is the first night we have been home since the time change. We were inside by 6:30 and it was great having some home time and getting a handle on some housework! I had a great plan to write an inspiring post, share some recent updates on our family etc., but my oldest son had some homework research to do and took over the computer!

Since I haven't posted in a few days, I thought I would share some interesting sights around our home:

Do you do this to your soap????

I found this bar of soap in the boy's bathroom...perfect finger made hole in the middle!!

Dining room decorations:

The fake teeth and baseball cap go perfect with the Thanksgiving decorations don't they?? Ya'll did notice the bottle of hot pepper sauce on the table to go on the greens...yep, we are definitely from the south!

That is life in a household of boys!

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  1. This is so funny! Living with boys sure is not dull!

    :0) Sharon


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