Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keeping the Joy

I've got to share the first experiment of being joyful in my home!!! Today dear husband (DH) and I were off from work together. This is a rare thing as he works various shifts. Early this morning we discussed what to do for the day. We could go look at wallpaper for the bathroom, but didn't really want to, he suggested going fishing, he loves to, I don't..., I "joyfully" told him this was his day, he could choose and whatever he wanted to do was fine. GULP! (and smile!) He suggested that we take a walk. Sounded great to me.

Normally I am no wimp. There is a group of "walking girls" which consist of my dear mother in law, my two favorite aunts and myself who try to walk in the evenings. On our nice, level paved road we walk 4.4 miles at least four times a week.

So this morning we go off on our walk by a river close to our house. One and a half hours later, we made it through our walk. barely....DH walks quite a bit faster than I and the rugged terrain was also a challenge. There was lots of soft sand to walk through, hills, sand, tree roots etc. and we were moving briskly...all 6 miles! WOW, what a walk! Once, he looked back to me and asked how I was doing. "Okay" I told him. A few miles down the road he did the same thing. "Okay" I again replied. He said that my first "okay" was a lot perkier than the last one! But I kept smiling and keeping the joy!

So, now it is about 8:30 PM and after a nice hot bath, I am all ready for bed..still joyful, tired, but challenged! Looking forward to the rest of the week!

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  1. Wow.....4.4 miles, and at a man's pace! That is really good. You deserved your bath!

    :0) Sharon


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