Wednesday, November 28, 2007

R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Give It Up!

Respect! Sometimes as mothers - there doesn't seem to be much. We cook, clean, do laundry, drive, drive and drive some more, bake cookies, do field trips, etc.... Sometimes, "thank you" or acknowledgement just doesn't get there.

Hopefully though we can keep in mind as in a post a few down, we are chosen for our jobs and that alone can bring great joy and fulfillment - serving with love - our families!

So...we all want respect, but how often do we ourselves show it? I recently read a list about how WE can show respect and it really hit some areas with me. Here it is:

We all expect—or even demand—respect from other people, but how respectful are we to those around us? Respect can be demonstrated in many different ways. To figure out how respectful you are, consider the following questions:

Are you punctual? When we are chronically late, we show disrespect to the people who are affected by our tardiness.

Do you keep your promises? Broken promises lead to broken hearts. A person who is not trustworthy doesn’t deserve respect. We should not make promises we can’t keep.

Do you give more than you take?
Some people always watch out for “number one,” afraid that if they don’t take care of themselves first, no one else will. The truth is, the more a person gives, the more she receives. God blesses people with generous hearts.

Are you willing to admit your shortcomings? It takes a big person to apologize. In the name of peace and in an attempt to show respect, sometimes we must humble ourselves by offering an apology, regardless of how or why the problem arose.

Are you patient? Instead of shuffling and sighing as we wait in a long line, we should practice patience, maybe even letting senior citizens or stressed moms go ahead of us in line.

Do you take care of God’s world? God created this place for our enjoyment. He planted trees and flowers just for us. He scattered the stars in the sky and hung the moon. He created sunshine to keep us warm. We should respect His creation by keeping it clean and using good stewardship when it comes to water and natural resources.

Will you help make the world a better place? When we respect God’s gifts and His children, we show gratitude to Him. He continually pours blessings on us. The least we can do is show respect for Him and for each other.
Leaving a legacy of respect is a heritage greater than any amount of money we could leave behind. People may forget the things we did on earth, but when we teach others the value of respect, we make an eternal difference.

So as we approach this joyous season with lots of opportunities to show respect, kindness, patience and love, I hope this may encourage you as much as it did me.
Gotta go, I'm running late!!!


  1. What a great, thought provoking post! Those are hard questions to ask ourselves, but what a good way to keep in check!

    Blessings to you! Sharon

  2. Loved this post, holds much truth !



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