Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Power of Words

Encouraging words are so powerful! It is a good habit to make a point to tell those around you something good about them. Of course there is a difference in flattery (which is fake) and a compliment (which is genuine). Everyone loves to hear something good about themselves.

As powerful and encouraging compliments are, there are times when the Lord speaks to your heart and puts something there for you to share with someone. Recently I have been on the giving and receiving end of this.

I use this example to share how the Lord works, I take no credit on my own, but was thrilled to share in the Lord's work. A wonderful lady at church has recently had several difficult circumstances come about in her life. Although she continued to carry herself with grace and dignity, I knew she was stressed and burdened with these issues. The Lord put it in my heart to write her a short note, just sharing what she meant to me. This was not difficult at all as she has been a godly influence through the years for me. She just told me that she opened the note while she was having a really bad day and that the Lord encouraged her so much. That was great to hear.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend who I don't see very often. We email once in a while, don't see each other much, but she is a wonderful person I have know n for years. She wrote a Bible verse describing wonderful qualities and added 5 words: to me, this is you. A simple email, took maybe 5 minutes - but what an enormous blessing it was to me. It spoke and ministered to my heart in such a special way.

The reason I shared all of this is to say, when you get that feeling that you should call, write, email or pray for someone, please do it. You never know what blessing the Lord has in store. Everyone loves an encourager! It may take practice, but it is worth pursuing.

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  1. A few years ago when I became a SAHM, I had a hard time finding a since of Outreach Ministry to others. I had always kind of been someone sensitive to others (EXTRA AT TIMES) so I started to send cards to people with encouragine words when God laid someone in my heart, I would drop off flowers or a goody. I thnk encouraging others is such a WONDERFUL MINISTRY. So, this has helped me feel a peace that I am shining light to the world. Thanks for the post.


Thank you for sharing your commment. It is a joy and blessing to hear from you and your words are appreciated.