Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Real Life Road

This blogging adventure is so much fun! I have met several wonderful new friends who have blessed and encouraged me greatly and I hope that some of the readers here receive encouragement on this path we travel together as women.

For the blog, I wanted to give a mix of inspiration along with everyday family life happenings. As I was pondering on what is going on in our life, things are kind of boring! But this week there has been several bumps, which are mere irritations in life, but I'm sure that you all can relate to.

Car Trouble: The car I drive has a problem. The dashboard controls stopped working. This was nothing major and the first trouble we've had with the car, so we have someone who is working on it. We have been juggling activities and use of other vehicles and have been fine. I went to pick it up last weekend and as we were driving home - the controls went out again - on the new control panel- OUCH! So, it is still being worked on.

Microwave: We had a great microwave for almost 20 years now. Never had a bit of trouble with it, until last week when it just died. POOF! The clock and timer worked, but it would not come on or cook. No problem, it was a good one, we could replace it. Got a new one, brought it home, hooked it up - same thing - no power. After getting the electricity to our home checked and trying the microwave at someone else's home, it seems the new microwave is defective.

Bump: This morning we got to drive husband/daddy's truck to school/work. His truck is is newer and is "his baby". Of course we are extremely careful not to mess up "the baby" in any way. As we are at a red light, waiting on a train - BUMP, BUMP, BUMP ...someone has hit us from behind! Turns out a truck two cars behind us didn't see us stopped and hit the car ahead of it and they in turn hit us. Thankfully they only bumped our hitch and no one was injured. The poor middle car had damage in the back and also the front.

So, that is a peek into our life, and what is going on. Things can always get worse, so I'm not complaining, there is much to be thankful for.

They say like a glass of water, you don't know what is inside until it is bumped, it is the same with us, when we are bumped, what comes out? Something for me to work on!

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  1. Ouch! I feel for you! But there are brighter weeks ahead!


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