Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sharing the Love

If you are a parent with more than one child, you can understand the dilema of "sharing". It seems I am alawys reminding my children to share with one another with not many good results. But, I have found one thing that they joyfully share with each other and anyone else near by...sickness!
My darlings have this week brought home a little bug, fever, headache and cough etc., and shared it with each other and me. How sweet! Only Daddy has not caught it and we sure hope he doesn't as he has to work most of the weekend.

But, it can always be worse, my sister in law has five children and they brought her home a nice, big stomach virus bug and shared it all around, even with Mom and Dad. They sure had a rough time this week.

So, I guess this is the season for these type of things, so try to stay well!


  1. Hope all get well quick! I'm scanning lots of mom blogs tonight and can't believe how many moms have sick kids right now. Even read one post about how moms keep puke from getting all over when their kids are sick! I'm knocking on wood!

  2. Oh boy I hear ya... Im fighting off something now that my youngest shared with me.

  3. Ok...I must admit to chuckling as I read this. My girls are 7 years apart and still all they share are germs LOL. They have completely different tastes in music, movies, clothes etc. Oh and they BOTH give me their icky germs LOL.


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