Friday, January 18, 2008

A Wifely Honor

A subject that I am mildly obsessed with(!), by reading and always seeking out about is how to be a good wife. Maybe that is because I need so much help in this area! I am so blessed with a husband who is a strong spiritual leader in our home, a wonderful father, considerate husband, hard worker, full of integrity and an all around great man.

When we were first married, I carried on in marital bliss, enjoying "playing house". Then the children came and my attention was changed to mothering and the demands that came with it. Years later I began to hear teaching on areas in a woman's life in church and ways to be a better, wife, mother, woman etc. The wife part really touched my heart. I had not taken the time to devote to being a godly wife, I was so into myself and then my children, my husband did not get the fair share of attention he deserved. Through the years, the Lord has done a work in my heart and life. I realize the importance of a marriage and how much a wife influences her husband. It is an area that I see growth in and the need for continued growth and guidance.

A huge awakening came to me about the power of a wife's prayers. For years I did pray for my husband: "Lord, bless his day, keep him safe," etc. When hard times came, I would lift those up also. Then, I read some books by Elizabeth George and then Stormie O'Martian and realized there was a whole realm that I was not entering into - heartfelt prayers for my husband. Stormie O'Martian has some wonderful books and tools for a wife's prayers. The book "The Power of A Praying Wife" is an excellent beginning. It touches on every area of the husband's life and is filled with Scripture filled prayers. It is a fantastic book. There is also a daily calendar with a prayer on it for each day. In the next couple of posts, I want to share with you the blessing of praying for our husbands. Hope you will stay with me and be prepared to be a blessing and be blessed!

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  1. What a great post! Just what I needed to hear. Our prayers as wives do have such an influence on our husbands and it is so important. Thank you for sharing. I will have to look for those books.

    Hugs, Sharon


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