Monday, February 18, 2008


Through the years my family (well, my husband and I - still working on the children) has adapted a pretty healthy lifestyle. We try to eat healthy - lots of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. However, there is one hindrance I have trouble overcoming in my quest for good health...SWEETS! I love sweets, candy, cake, brownies, any kind of dessert - I love. If there is a dessert in the house, I will eat some everyday until it is gone. I have tried to rationalize - if I only have a bite, I'm not depriving myself and this will not get out of control. But, my sugar habit is steadily speeding out of control.

This weekend I was at a birthday party, talking to a group of moms while the birthday cake was being passed out. When offered to one mom, she said "No thanks". When someone asked her about it, she said that she was off sugar. Turns out, she recently had a baby and had gestational diabetes. She had to remove sugar from her diet for her health. Since then, she has had the baby and has just stayed off sugar. Since sugar feeds and craves more sugar in our bodies, she just cut it out. She feels great and does not crave it anymore. Feeling so inspired, I also turned down the cake...until my son did not touch his piece and then I had to come to his rescue! Who can waste cake??? So, this week I am going to attempt to stay away from sweets. I have had to many lately, my body just needs to be cleansed from them. Pray for me!!

When this decision was made in my mind for my physical body, I also began to reflect on the spiritual side of myself. Is there anything that needs to be cleansed out? I pondered on the thought of purity and what it consists of. Purity encompasses our whole being. It covers what we see, think, hear and say. With God's help, we can keep purity in our hearts and it will reflect in all of the outward actions - again what we see, say, how we dress, treat others, etc. God can create in me a clean heart and put a right spirit/attitude in me also! This verse was the focus of a church sermon a few weeks ago, but I truly love this verse:

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalms 50:10

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