Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fantastic Focus

"Love is diminished if we dwell on the negatives. Love grows if we focus on the positive. When you have God's heart for your husband, you will be able to see through new eyes". This is from the Praying Wives Daily Calendar, but it helped me get some focus on lots of things.

It is so easy for me to focus on such little things that are annoying, while at the same time forget or fail to notice the wonderful big qualities. Has something every just annoyed the daylights out of you and you just dwell and dwell on it? An irritiating habit etc. and each time it is done - annoy you some more??! To get a greater perspective it helps me to reflect on the good qualities, sure enough, that annoyance diminishes.

So that is my practice plan this week - focus on the good and appreciate it. I am so blessed with a great family - the best husband in the world and three great sons. Thinking like that doesn't leave much room for complaints! Let love grow!

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