Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Hog Wild Week

Our oldest sons do a project every year where they get a small pig and for several months raise, feed and train it. Then when the county fair comes, they take the pigs to the fair, participate in a competition show and then at the end they show the hog to buyers and sell them.

With my new camera(!), I will be sharing this week the events of "hog week".

Here are our girls at home in their pen.

They need to get loaded up onto a trailer to transport to the fair. This is a delicate process and takes my guys working together!

Up they go like good girls.

They stay on the trailer only long enough to get groomed and transported to their new home!

This is the first day...stay tuned there is lots of excitement this week!


  1. Joyce,

    Those pigs look so sweet. I don't think I could bear to give it up!

    Love the hen party comment. I shall now call it that (thanks!)

    Do you have a favorite dessert or appetizer you like to make? I'd appreciate any suggestions!

    God bless,



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