Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fresh From the Garden

Warning - if you are under 35, this post probably will not interest you at all! But if you are over 35 and your taste buds have matured and you like collard greens - you'll love this!

Here is a garden of greens I was able to go and pick from:

You pick the biggest leaves off of the plant.

First they need to be washed - thoroughly, then sliced up.

Then they go into a big pot and seasoned (salt, pepper, vinegar, ham etc.) and simmer for a few hours.

Here is the finished product! A delicious bowl of greens. Of course my pot made a lot of greens, so I put them into various freezer containers and froze them.

As a side note, greens are so good for you! They are packed with nutrition. They are also sold already cut up, ready to cook for your convenience - if you don't have a garden close by!

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  1. Question for you...were you able to pick this THIS year????

    Just we woke up to snow on Saturday...and it looks so nice a sunny in your neck of the woods.

    PLEASE..send some my way!?! lol



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