Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From 6 to 16 in Eight Hours

Like all families, ours was designed by God. We had our firstborn son and less than three years later, had our second son. We wanted more children, but after suffering three miscarriages, decided that we were done. But God wasn't! After "our" decision not to have any more children, we gave everything away that pertained to a baby. Clothes, crib, 'stuff", etc. Then, God blessed us one more time with a son. In His time. And boy does that add some character to our home. Third son was born much later than the other two. Through the years we have found ourselves in humorous situations. Entering high school with one son, while entertaining a toddler at the same time. Juggling teenage boy subjects with a kindergartner. These have been a source of fun and make our family make up unique.

Saturday was one of those days where we bounced through the ages and age related activities. We began the morning with the youngest at his t-ball game. Here he is throwing the ball in.

Then this day was also middle son's 14th birthday. Since he is too old for birthday parties, etc., he wanted to go out to dinner at Red Lobster. Here he is waiting.

Then our oldest attended his first prom. Don't they look great? We took lots of pictures. They are still coming up here on the blog!

We even made time for Mom and Dad to get a picture!

It was an interesting day full of fun and adventures!


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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today! It looks like a fun filled Saturday for your family! So much to celebrate!


  3. Hi Joy. You have a beautiful family. What fine sons. I'm so happy God gave you another blessing. We got one too. We had three right in a row, and then after 6 and a half years we got our Garrett. He stirs things up and makes us laugh.

    Have a pleasant evening, Kathi

  4. wow...that is a FULL day. but what a wonderful one.

  5. I am full of joy. I found the blog. You are a great writer. Your blog is so interesting, full of information, inspiration and wit. Good job, Mom! And thanks for all of the nice things that you said about me. Please know that having you and your family in my life is a blessing beyond measure. You and your boys (and yes, Rem, I've had him for a long time) bring much joy to my life. I always receive far more than I give where your family is concerned. I love all of you dearly. Aunt Ro

  6. What a blessing a housefull of children is ~ of all ages! They keep you young and on your toes! :)

    Have a lovely day!


  7. Just darling, every single one of them! We don't have a kindergardner but we are pretty close. Our oldest is a junior in high school while our youngest is a 1st grader. Like you, one minute we are talking about drivers licenses and the next minute we are talking about the Lord of the Rings characters...

    Oh, the joys of motherhood!

    Blessings, Joanne

  8. OH MY! I am "new" via morning songs blog and your comment. Mine are 5,3, and 1...proms seem SO far away.

    Fun times ;) Glad you and the hubby got a picture.


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