Thursday, April 3, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Today is Show and Tell Friday over at Kelli's House It is so much fun visiting other blogs and checking out their show and tell items. Today I am sharing some outdoor pictures from around my home. Here is the south spring is in full bloom!

Here is an amaryllis in full bloom

I have had these yellow snapdragons for months, They are just now blooming, but WOW, they were worth the wait.

Another pot with snapdragons.

Here are some dianthis (sp?), they too have waited a long time to bloom, but are doing great!

I've been waiting to catch this guy feeding. This picture is not the best, but I'm going to keep trying! Isn't he beautiful?

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year! Hope you enjoy these shots. Don't forget to check out the other show and tells over at Kelli's.


  1. Great shots!!! I love flowers.... mine's up too hope you can drop by.

  2. These take my breath away!!! We have amaryllis blooming too. I love spring. Oooooooooh, and that Cardinal?!!! Wow. color me jealous.

    My Show n Tell is bargains I got this week. Do drop by and say hi!!

    Happy Friday, Happy weekend.

  3. Your flowers are so lovely! A nice welcome to spring!

  4. Gorgeous flowers! We won't have our baskets looking so in bloom until May. We are still in the 30's at night up here. Brrrr I can't wait to see color outside. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  5. Love all your flowers! They are gorgeous!

  6. Your Amarylis grows in the garden? We buy them here in the winter and grow them at Christmas. I have never seen one outside.


  7. I echo what Jennifer said - only ever grown Amarylis indoors here - they were one of my mum's favourites. I love your Dianthus (we call them "Pinks" and I have one just like that to pop in a corner of my garden.) I love the Snapdragons too. There is also a wild variety in the UK and here in Wales, called Toadflax.

  8. Now you have made me long for spring. Your flowers are beautiful. Thanks so much for brightening my day.


  9. Oh, they are wonderful. You are way ahead on Spring. Makes me wonder where you are.

  10. What gorgeous flowers! Very pretty! You are so lucky to get red birds! We just don't have them here in Oregon and when I see them in pictures of people's yards, it blows me away! They are so pretty!

    Hugs, Sharon

  11. My sunflowers are already 2-4 inches high. Gonna be a good year for gardening!

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