Saturday, May 31, 2008

Days Like These

I love Saturdays!! Yesterday was the last day of school, so our summer vacation from school began today. I celebrated by sleeping in - it was great!
Somehow my lazy Saturday got transformed, but I love it! DH (dear husband) is on a home improvement project here and I began the day puttering around. It all started as I was headed to the bathroom to wipe it down with a rag and a bottle of Fantastic:
Then I noticed the light switches were dirty as were the wall portion around it. So, around the house I went, rag in hand wiping walls. Then the bathrooms needed attention, the deep scrubbing attention, bleaching faucets and around the shower walls, tub and shower floor, scrubbing the toilets etc. On to the kitchen to scrub the walls, clean the stove overhead (yuck!), total wipe down etc,, a load of laundry, and ... I'm on a roll! I love it when this happens - this cleaning streak strikes (alas, it doesn't happen too often) and so much gets accomplished around the house.
Then our super Aunt B, called me down to get some fresh vegetables. She has fresh squash and cucumbers. While putting these up, I was experiementing with a cucumber sauce. It turned out delicious. Here is what it was: sorry, no measurments!
Some vinegar, olive oil, teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper and fresh rosemary. Stirred up and then the cucumbers are soaking in it. They are like sweet and sour cucumbers.
DH is almost finished with his project and I've still got some energy to spare. Need to keep on keeping on! Hope that you all have a great weekend!

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