Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun Fitness

Walking is one sport that I thoroughly enjoy. As I was thinking of how long I have been walking, it has been about 17 years! Since I was pregnant with my first child. Walking is an easy sport and way to stay fit. Through those years, I have walked pregnant, with babies in strollers, around (and around) the yard. About two years ago my husband had back surgery and the doctors encouraged him to walk to help recover. He has been walking faithfully since. Then about a year ago, a walking party formed:

From left to right: My mother in law " Nana", Aunt Ro, Aunt B and Dear Husband.
Here's the same bunch with me in it and husband with the camera!

Our little walking group does a 4 mile route on a country road and we enjoy each other's company which makes the walk go quickly. We try to do this several times a week when our schedules allow!


  1. Wow! What a fun way to get needed exercise. I love the idea of walking as a group.

  2. You are so good. You had the picture on the blog by the time that I had breakfast. We look pretty good, especially you, if I say so myself. I love the time that we all spend together as much as the walk. It keeps us connected. I'll be there today. LOL Aunt Ro

  3. You are so right. These are very good points. Your walk looks delightful. Kathi


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