Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Mothering

Mother's Day is almost here! I will have to confess, after reading these wonderful ideas and being so encouraged to put them into practice and then sharing them with you...I took a downward slide and just missed the mark this morning. Do you sometimes just lose it over such a small issue? Today I really needed to be on time to leave the house, the kids bickered, drug around, complained etc.... and I was really grouchy and crabby. Not a good send off for the day. But I have confessed my bad attitude and asked the Lord to "create a right spirit in me" and am much better now! Hopefully we will have a fun time tonight as we will be going skating - that will be funny anyway!! Thanks for listening! Now for a few more encouraging ideas:

A Heart of Fun: Living in our homes should be fun and enjoyable for each family member. By nature, I'm not a "fun" person. I like order, organization, schedules.etc., not much time for fun!! The writer of this book said that she began to freely use the words " I Love...". and of course "I Love You" through every aspect of life. "I love Saturdays, I love going to church, I love dinners at home".etc.. Something for me to practice for sure!

A Heart That Celebrates: Matthew 5:41 says "Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two." As mothers we HAVE to be mothers, we HAVE to do the duties, there is no getting around it. What if we we went the extra mile and made things special? We have to feed the family - we can make it more special and exciting with a nice table, dishes, etc. We have to shop, and run errands. Is there a way to make that more special? I have great memories of getting a soda or ice cream cone on the way home, I still remember today. Let's try to think of creative ways to go the extra mile. Do you know that the difference in extraordinary and ordinary is simply the EXTRA???!!!

Have an extraordinary day!!!


  1. I am going to be sad to see the Mothering posts come to an end. They have brightened my day and my outlook!



  2. What a GREAT post!!!

    Thanks for reminding me..about the Extra!!!

    Happy Mother's Day friend.



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