Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day Week

This is the week before Mother's Day and through this week, I like to reflect with thanksgiving the blessing my mother was to my life and to prayerfully consider the mother I am and seek to become a better mother.

There is a book which has been a fantastic encouragement to me as a woman, wife and mother. A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George is a book I have had for years and each time I read it, blesses and encourages me. I am reading a little bit each day after my Bible reading and last week the chapter was on Mothers and Motherly Affection.

This chapter is based on Titus 2:4 where woman are admonished to "love their children". Upon deeper study the meaning of the word love here means "Phileo" love. An affectionate love which cherishes it's object. It is a friendship love that enjoys children, a love that likes them. There are ten ideas for putting this kind of love into practice and I hope to share two a day this week with you. Let's begin:

1. A Heart That Prays: The greatest gift we can give our children is to pray for them. Praying daily for your children benefits them in countless ways and increases your love for them. There are multiple resources to help pray for your children.

This prayer calendar can be used daily to pray for a characteristic each day of the month.

Lifting Hands is a blog where weekly prayers are posted.

A fantastic book to pray for children is The Power of A Praying Parent by Stormie O'Martian. (You can also check ebay for these books and more!)

2. A Heart That Provides: A heart flowing with motherly affection lovingly and graciously provides the necessities of life for her children - nourishing food, clean clothing and a safe home. These are not glamorous or exciting jobs, but a heart filled with motherly affection continues on cooking the meals, doing the laundry - one more at a time knowing this is providing for the family. When the children's basic needs are met, children are less likely to act up, be grumpy and require so much discipline.

Stay tuned for A Heart That Is Happy!

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  1. That book sounds so lovely. Thank you for your Mothering reflections!



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