Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Hearts

Posting these attitudes or virtues of a godly mother has been a treat for me. I hope they have blessed you also. I had hoped to finish by Mother's Day, but there are four more, so after as mother's we celebrate our special day...we'll finish and be refreshed and renewed and ready to mother with love!

Here are two more "hearts".

A Heart That Gives Preferential Treatment: Have you ever prepared a delicious dinner or dessert to take to someone for an occasion - a funeral, new baby, sickness etc., to do something nice and as you are preparing it have your family ask, "is that for us?". Alas, it is is for someone else. The principle thought is "Don't give away to others what you have not first given away at home." This attitude applies to more than food. The easy solution for food is to make double - one for the family and one to share. But some other instances can be our phone voice - do we talk super nice on the phone and use our "regular" voice with our family? We like to give smiles and joy to others, but sometimes don't share these with our children. It is so easy to give our best to strangers and give our family our "leftovers" - leftover energy, grouchiness etc. A good saying I try to keep in the forefront of my mind is "treat you family like guests and your guests like family".

A Heart That Is Focused: In Matthew Jesus said "No man can serve two masters". As busy mothers it is so easy to "double book". Little things that are done without thought - being on the phone or just being busy when the family gets home are easy to do. But what volumes of love it speaks when we prepare for our families arrival. Things like having a snack ready, greeting with a smile and hug, having dinner going or the table set, anything that shows we are anticipating their arrival and have put some effort into making them feel special. Even just a pause and focused greeting will brighten anyone's day! Pray about creative ways to show your family how special they are! They will love you for it!

Happy Mother's Day - hope that your day is filled with love and blessings.


  1. I am guilty of preparing special things for others and sometimes not making them quite so special for us. And the phone voice! Yikes - sometimes that is me as well. Thank you for writing these Mothering posts. I have learned quite a bit and have been blessed as well.


  2. Beautiful tips and excellent thoughts. I have often felt convicted about giving my family the leftovers while others get the "best of me". Thanks!

    Happy late mom's day!

  3. Great thoughts about mothering! My name is Joyce , too! It is a good remember to find Joy in every day...


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