Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Organization - Will I Ever Get It????

My organization skills are what I would consider above average. I always fall short at home though, because I am married to a perfectionist. But what a blessing it has been through the years as I have observed the way he does things - the correct way!! In our marriage, this was a source of friction at first, then as I matured, admiration in how things ran so smoothly for him and then finally (when wisdom kicks in), I began following his examples and advice on how to do things right! Now, I attempt to run an organized and efficient home, but often fall short of the goal. One of my falling shorts happened this weekend.
For several weeks, I have made an ongoing effort to stay out of stores, especially Wal Mart unless absolutely needed. That $40 gallon of milk gets me every time. You know the one, you run into the store ONLY for a gallon of milk and other items just seem to jump into the cart! When you go to check out the cashier tells you that your order is $40.00! My shopping has been done on my days off and I try at all costs to avoid the store on the weekends. This weekend, my shopping was done for the week, and on Saturday, DH (dear husband) was fishing with the boys and I had something to do at our church. Halfway through my task, he called to say he was finished and the 1 million dollar question...."What do we have at home for lunch?" That was just one area I had not planned ahead for! Why not, I don't know. I guess that I am so used to us eating at work and school and there was just not anything at home. So, I quickly finished my project, ran to Publix for lunch meat etc., and made it home before anyone starved!
What a joy it was to receive in my inbox an email about organization along with a list (my best friend). I will share the list soon, I need all of the help I can get in this area!!


  1. This is exactly what I plan on posting in the near future, organization, my nemesis. I too am an organizer in training. My husband too is the one with order in his life on a daily basis.

    I LOVED how you mentioned the $40 gallon of milk. I am here at Starbucks while Paul is meeting with a client, we just came from Walmart. And what did I get? A $13 gallon of milk.

    Blessings friend, Joanne

    Great Post!

  2. This is a very good post. I too, have had trouble with organization. I own every book out there and I'm still trying to apply the learning. Mine was a $65 gallon of milk. This is so true of me as well. God bless you and I hope that you have success. Kathi

  3. I look forward to reading your organization entry. With the rising prices of gasoline, organization is a necessity!

  4. hey there, I came through Dawn's blog, just saying hi :-)


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