Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unwind...Gnaw On Wood

Everyone has their own special way of unwinding after a hard day. Here is a horse who lives in our field (he is not ours, but uses our land). After roaming around all day eating grass etc., he comes to this wood fence and gnaws on the wood. He comes every day. Now I'm not a horse person, but I have heard that somehow this gnawing releases endorphins in a horse and "feels good" to them.
After the day I had today, I felt like joining him. My personality demands order and organization. Loose ends bother me, I like to complete a job and be done with it! Today was one of those days, it just didn't happen. But, tribulation works patience and trials bring forth character! Everything that needed to be done, mostly got done. What wasn't urgent will get done tomorrow. So, after a long day, I'm ready to unwind. Instead of gnawing wood, I"ve lit some candles, picked up a book and am ready for some couch time!


  1. I'm A LOT like you!!!!! :-)

    One thing I so look forward to is resting in the fact that HIS mercies are new every morning.

    Often, I spend time at the end of the day gnawing too....but comes in the morning.



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