Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You the One?

In your home, are there jobs that no one seems to do but you? Whether it is putting new paper towels on the roll, a new roll of toilet paper on, emptying ice trays (our freezer is old and yes, we still do this!!), washing dishes, picking up...etc. sometimes certain tasks seem to fall on one person. Many times at my home, this is done while grumbling a bit - am I the ONLY one who can do this????
The other day at work, I was getting a cup of coffee and noticed the creamer container was getting a bit low - not empty but low. What inspired me, I'm not sure, but as apparently I was in a fantastic mood, I went and filled it to the brim with creamer. As I did that, the thought came into my heart - "be the one".
It was a radical change to think of "being the one" instead of "am I the only one?" It was the difference of a complaining, lethargic, whiny - why me attitude and a helpful, joyful, energetic breath of fresh air! Being the one, is the one who does the task with joy, looking for things that need to be done - and just doing them. Not expecting recognition or praise, but doing them because they need to be done.
I carried this thought around for a few days and was truly inspired. So often we wait for others to do things first. Chores are a big thing, but even small things, we tend to wait on others to smile first, say hello first, give a kind word, get up first to do the clean up(!), etc. we wait to see how many times people walk by that piece of trash on the floor before picking it up! So, I purposed in my heart to try to "be the one" who with joy goes about to each task before me. Will you join me? Will you "be the one?"

"And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." Colossians 3:17


  1. Oh, Wow! Thank you. I was feeling really sorry for myself today, all the "stuff" that I have to do that no one else will do. But you've made me look at it differently. I've got to go put a sticky note on the fridge to reminde me to "Be the One".

  2. What an encouraging post. Yes, we can find joy in being the one. Even small tasks can honor God.


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