Monday, June 2, 2008

Computer Beauty

Do you love pretty things? In my home, surrounded by four males - beauty is not a big issue to them. But, I absolutely love flowers, frills, lace and everything girly! So, my solution is to surround myself with pretties! My guys are pretty understanding about my need for beauty. The only main issue they complain about is the flower centerpiece on the dining room table. Nightly I hear, "Can you please move the bush, I can't reach the bowl of ..."
Oh, and the are also pretty adamant about their bathroom - NO flowers there!
I have found the best web site for desktop backgrounds! At joypals you can click on each month and have a choice of beautiful desktop wall papers with a Scripture verse for your computer background. You just click on the current month, select which size screen your computer is. When this picture pops up, using your mouse - click on the right hand side and an option will be "set as desktop background. Click this and it will appear on your desktop. I guarantee that it will add some beauty to your day!!!


  1. Hey......your preaching to the choir here! Ha! Being a mother with four boys, testosterone rules around here, but my husband is so understanding and he lets me decorate the house and have all my pretty things out. The boys are all really understanding too and put up with my frillies. It's cute when they buy me femy things and can't wait to see my reaction! Thanks for the great tip on the computer wallpaper etc. I'll have to check it out. Have you checked out The Painted Cottage? It is such a fun blog spot, they have cottage of the month and it is so fun to look at all these gorgeous homes! If you want the link, come to my blog and look at my favorites it's near the bottom.

    Have a happy, frilly day!!!!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Thank you for sharing the link to the lovely backgrounds. I need to change mine!

    Have a sweet evening!



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