Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garden Bounty!

In our area, gardens are coming in. We don't grow a garden but have some friends and family that do and they are very generous with the garden bounty. This week we have received fresh squash, collard greens, cucumbers, potatoes and eggplant. Here is a picture of some of our bounty! Since I have been experimenting on cooking the fresh vegetables, I've been posting some more over at my cooking blog. One of my favorite things I tried was green beans sauteed in garlic. First, let me brag on our Aunt B.:
Aunt B. grows a fabulous garden and blesses us often with fresh vegetables. She knows that we love green beans and she grew some in her garden. Usually since Aunt B. is a very hard worker, she picks the vegetables and brings them to us (she is wonderful isn't she??!!) On a walk one day she told us that the green beans were ready, and we were welcome to come pick them. Green beans are tedious to pick and for her to pick and deliver green beans was way too much to ask! Before I got a chance to come pick them, here she came with a bag of picked green beans- picked and delivered!! Then she offered this suggestion on cooking them. Only cut off the ends and steam the beans whole. When they are crisp tender, put them in a pan with some olive oil and chopped garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper. I promptly tried this as Aunt B is also a fantastic cook. They turned out delicious! So...thank you Aunt B for the vegetables and cooking suggestion!

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  1. You are blessed with the gardens of others! We had a garden years ago and I so enjoyed sharing our produce too. We have a mini garden this year. I'm hoping they will "take" but not sure yet.




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