Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day

The IDEAL Man of God and father would be?
A man who loves the Word of God and Loves the Lord with all his heart
and all his soul and all his mind. He would love his wife like Christ loves
the Church. He would love his family UNCONDITIONALLY and would
".... provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in
the nurture and admonition of the Lord."
~Ephesians 6:4~

In our home, we are blessed beyond measure to have a dad who is the true head of the home and family. A dad who is filled with integrity, faith and love. We love him very much and appreciate all that he is and all that he does for us. With the help of my sister in law Danell, we have compiled almost 20 years of photos which capture a true father's heart. We love you Dad!!!


  1. What a great slide show! YOu are truly blessed! You have a beautiful family and a wonderful husband who is a great father to your children! Have a blessed weekend!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Thanks for sharing those pictures, Joyce!

  3. I almost cried as I watched your slide show. The boys are growing up so very fast, just like our children. I am trying to enjoy them more each day as I realize that life is so very short. You are a great role model and Rem is too for our young ladies and men. Thanks for all you do. I am proud to call you friend and for having known yall all these years...

  4. You are truly blessed with a great husband, who is a super father to your boys. Your slide show shows the love in your family. Have blessed Monday, Kathi

  5. Am I really that old already? I mean you have a son that just went to prom. I remember when he was BORN. I am getting old.

    Love the slideshow. Laughed so hard. I remember those days!


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