Friday, July 4, 2008

History Quiz

While growing up, history was not one of my favorite subjects. Now, years later, I wish I had paid more attention to those dates and facts which are a very important part of our heritage. My husband and children love history and can spout off dates, facts, presidents off the top of their heads.
While visiting some blogs today (July 4), I found this great quiz about our country and it's history. I won't tell you my score, but I did know quite a few of the questions, but learned some also! It is very fitting for this special day:
Check it out HERE


  1. We are a history loving family too. We like to ask the kids every fourth of July the questions given on the test to become new American citizens.

    I am ashamed that I didn't know much more the first time I took that one!

    Blessings, Joanne

  2. I love American History. What a great quiz to share with all of us. Thank you. I hope you had a blessed weekend.


  3. O.k. After that long history lecture that I gave on our walk last week, I only got 80% correct. I need to keep studying. Aunt ro


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