Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Hate This Job!

Recently I tackled a household job that ranks as the one I least like - cleaning the refrigerator. In fact, I wait so long that it really looks bad: then the task takes extra long... but since I had company (you) and you provided accountability, the task got completed. As I was spending a LOT of time on this project, a spiritual parallel was drawn in my mind.

As Christians we are encouraged to live in the world, but not partake in the things - values, pursuits, worldliness, ungodliness - that are of the world. Sometimes it is hard and some things creep into our lives - bad attitudes - jealousy, complaining, fear, anxiety, stress, gossip and create "clutter" - like this:

And then the Holy Spirit convicts us that it is time for a cleaning on our insides. Sometimes we put it off...but eventually we understand that some build up has occurred and it is time to scrub clean the walls of our heart:

Sometimes there is "gunk" that is not seen, like the build up on these racks, but they also needed a deep scrubbing. Lots of stuff dripped on them and made them sticky. There are times when we cannot see hidden attitudes of our heart, but they reflect in our words or actions - our sticky parts. If we ask Lord to examine our hearts, He can see the hidden trouble spots and cleanse us thoroughly so that we shine with His likeness.

In the case of my refrigerator, the best way was to totally empty the contents. We can do that in prayer - empty ourselves before the Lord and allow Him to cleanse us from the inside out. He can make us as good as new - so that we sparkle. Sometimes a prayer of consecration is like a great exchange. Where we exchange our troubled spots - bad attitudes, fears, troubles and heartache for His joy, peace, comfort, strength and help.

Then we see a clean, pure, fresh finished product! As a matter of prevention, it is important to watch what goes into this clean place as it is important to watch what goes into our hearts. Spills and leaks can cause a big mess, be diligent to keep this area clean.

Thank you for helping me with this project! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and the end result is terrific!

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