Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Tale of Two Cakes

Last week at our church there were three functions where we ate together and they were "pot luck" dinners where everyone brought a food dish to share. Knowing ahead of time there would be many items to buy at the store to be prepared, I thought I had done that. The first two functions went great. Then on the last one, I had planned to bring a light and fluffy cheesecake. When that day arrived, to my horror, I had neglected to purchase (I did not write it down on the list) the most important ingredient - cream cheese. At $4.00 a gallon gas, I could not go 10 miles to the store for that one item, so I scoured my pantry for an alternative. The alternative dessert would be a cake with a homemade icing made up of pudding mix, cool whip and crushed pineapple. The only trouble was the recipe called for instant pudding, I only had the cook and serve kind. But, in my desperation, I gave it a try...The results were not good:
The cake tasted fine, but the icing consistancy was just not right and made the cake look a little sloppy and not fit to take to a function. So, I brought an easy vegetable instead and went to the July 4th celebration.
At the July 4th event, there was a cake walk. A lot of cakes were won at the cake walk and I did a lot of walking! A cake walk is a circle with numbers in each square and you walk on a square while the music plays and when the music stops, a number is called and whoever is standing on the number which is picked...wins a cake! Many cakes had been won and they were down to the last - coveted - cake. It was an 8 layer yellow cake with chocolate icing in between each layer. Delicately hand made and absolutely beautiful - see:
Well, would you believe that my six year old son won the cake??? What a kid! So here are the two cakes in our refrigerator right now which we are enjoying! I guess the moral to this little story is "all's well that ends well!"

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