Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! One of my favorite things about Wednesdays is being able to participate in Word Filled Wednesday hosted by 160 Acre Woods. This is a fun opportunity to give and receive the blessings of God's Word in picture and words.
Today's verse carries a simple yet profound truth. God's love which is beyond our comprehension, lives in our hearts and as that love overflows from us into the lives of others a full circle is made and His love is complete. Sometimes it is not easy to love everyone, but if we get a glimpse of God's love and remember it is alive in us, and ask Him to help us love others with His love - His love will flow out of our heart and bless others and point them to Him!
Happy WFW -as you go through your day, let His love shine through you!


  1. Such a lovely verse and picture, thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful encouragement with the verse and image you shared. have a great Wednesday...

  3. Such beautiful encouragement for showing the love of God today...thanks for this great reminder.


  4. So lovely. Thanks for sharing this WFW blessing.

  5. Happy Wednesday! This is a beautiful find. God is love.

  6. So pretty! God is love! Awesome!

  7. ooo AMEN! I love this verse!
    Thanks for the bright spot in my day! I need to remember this one more!

  8. WhoooHOooo I LOVE coming to the JOYFULL living site. THIS IS MY HAPPY PAGE! AND you posted happy too! Love one another huh? This is funny coz moments ago I was convicted about a Love thing? I visited Kelley at aroma of Joy and I commented that she's the only litterbug I've ever loved. After I clicked to submit, God said, "YA KNOW LEA... you are SUPPOSED to LOVE EVERYBODY.
    Then I come here.
    I REPENT! But ya know what? God's convictions are always IN LOVE... so it's all good!
    Thanks for the beautiful post, and uplifting blog! Love it!

  9. Beautiful! I like the photo, the scripture, and the colors. Have a nice week!


  10. Beautiful picture and encouraging verse! Thank God for loving us and enabling us to love others with His love. I need this reminder always. Thanks for sharing. Blessed WFW!


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