Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day With Fay...

If you have watched the news lately you may know that Florida has been dealing with Tropical Storm Fay. Fay has slowly drug through Florida for four days now bringing wind, rain and flooding. Fay is right on top of our area of Florida today, but thankfully the effect is not as severe as it has been further south.
Today school and work was out and we have been in the house all day.
Here is a few scenes outside:

So...we have had to find things to do inside - like Legos...
Someone gave us a bunch of collard greens, so I spent time cleaning, cutting and cooking them...

This is my favorite sight of the day, this young man has golf fever and set up a course in the living room. He even dressed like a golfer, by himself, but apparently he hasn't worn these pants in a while!!!

Here is the adventurous one...walking around outside in his rubber boots and raincoat...

Then we made a turned out delicious... will post the recipe soon

So, that is our day so far inside, I think we have one more soggy day ahead, but we are truly blessed to receive much needed rain without all of the damaging elements.


  1. So glad you haven't been in any danger from the hurricane and are getting much needed rain. The pictures are great!

  2. Boy I wish we had some of that rain. Looks like you're taking good advantage of the indoor time. We mostly stay indoors just because it is so hot outside. Please - send us a little of that rain.

  3. Thanks for visiting me. I loved your pictures. The short pants cracked me up! You have a beautiful blog.

  4. Thanks for commenting and letting me know you made the cake...even better that you liked it! ; ) Is that the one I see in the picture? It's making me hungry for it again! Good thing I promised hubby I wouldn't use the oven today or I'd be on my way to the kitchen right about now! (It's 97 degrees here and using the oven would only make the a/c have to work that much harder!)

    Hope the rain is starting to dwindle in your neck of the woods. It doesn't take too much of being cooped up before cabin fever starts to settle in.

    Tracy = )


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