Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Difference In Boys and Girls...

The other day as my boys were out in the yard, the neighbors came for a visit - a girl and a boy. The boy promptly joined my boys on the four wheeler and posed for me. Please tell me, what is it with boys that they are so opposed to having their feet on the ground??!!

Brotherly Love?? I just love getting a picture of my boys together!

Then would you look at here...the girl came over and went right over to cuddle the puppy and when I brought my camera out, she so sweetly smiled and posed for me - with her feet on the ground!

Isn't it remarkable how God made each one unique?


  1. I am daily amazed at all the differences in boys an girls. As I watch my little girl and boy grow it is such fun to watch and learn all the differences (especially since I grew up in a house full of girls.. no brothers!).

    Have a great week!

  2. God bless the uniqueness in our boys and our girls and may they learn to cherish it and embrace it and not change what God has blessed them with.


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