Monday, August 25, 2008

Discussion Questions for today's At the Well is: A “Call to Worship” is usually at the beginning of a church service to prepare hearts and minds for worship together. What do you do or think you should do at the start of each day to prepare your heart and mind as a woman living a life of worship?
If you were to gather at the well with women younger than you in the faith, what would your call to worship be for them?

Today's At the Well is being hosted over at Laura Lee's Life Song.

Mornings are the best time of day for me. I get up before my children in order to prepare myself for the day. Each morning begins with prayer and Bible reading. I begin the Bible reading with a chapter of Psalms or Proverbs. Followed by another passage I may be studying. Since I have a lot of energy in the morning, my mind is usually racing to what needs to be done for the day. I once read a suggestion to read a Psalms/Proverb each day and it paralleled preparation for a doctor visit. A doctor visit is scheduled and upon arrival sometimes we are rushed or stressed when we enter the office. There is usually a short wait time in the waiting room where we gather ourselves and collect our thoughts in preparation for meeting the doctor. Reading a Psalms or Proverbs prepares my heart and calms me and prepares me to hear and receive God's Word and put my thoughts in line with God's praise, worship and wisdom.

Beginning the day with prayer assures me that God is in control of the day. Praying over each family member gives confidence that their day is ordained by God. Reading God's Word gives my day a fresh perspective and preparation. Each day is a fresh slate with God. His mercies are new every day and each morning is an opportunity to be filled with His presence and in turn reflect His presence to those we encounter through the day.

For younger women who may be so busy with young children etc., I would encourage a daily set time for devotions. Whether it be 2 minutes or 20, just begin make it a habit every day. Find a place where when you do get a chance to sit, where the Bible and perhaps a devotional book is close by. Turn off the tv or any other distractions and focus on what God is saying through His Word. This can be a challenge, but once this habit is established, it will grow and you will flourish as a woman of God.


  1. Great insights for all of us. I enjoyed hearing your personal testimony of how you spend your time in the morning. God has given you incredible discipline, and I have no doubt it has helped you through many a day. Thank you so much for participating in this today. It is a very dear topic to me. ;)

  2. I have been reading the At the Well topics for a couple of weeks but have not had the courage to post about them because they are hard discussions that I am struggling with. I am one of those mother of young children that you talked about...I am trying to find the time for a daily devotional and I need prayer for this. I really want to form this habit because I know it will help my life tremendously.

  3. Awesome advice for worship! I loved your post. I agree with Laura Lee, God has given you incredible discipline and I'm so glad you use it to honor Him. Great post.

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart (and your disciplines) with us AT THE WELL. Prayer is our life line! -Blessings, Laurie

  5. A wonderful post! As of late, I haven't been feeling well and mornings I do very little. But many mornings I began with the chapters of Psalms that I have memorized. And years ago, I also got up before my children to have devotions and time with the Lord.

    Right now I need a revival in my heart to "keep on keeping on" even though I'm feeling weary much of time.

    Your post was so refreshing to read. "At the well". . I need to drink again from those living springs of water.


  6. I like the thought that our time with God becomes a habit, eventually we just do it because it is part of who we are. Great advice.


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