Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prayer For Children

School is about to begin and as we get ready to send our children back to school, prayer is so important for them. Here are some practical ways to pray for children based on Jesus prayer in John 17. Please take time to read this special prayer on your own.

  1. That they will know God

This should be our number one prayer that they will know Him personally and experience His power and presence in their lives.

  1. That they will have joy.

    Joy is not dependent on circumstances but true joy comes from allowing Christ to live through us.

  2. That they will be kept from evil.

    We are to be separate from the world, but not isolated. Our separation can be defined by the presence and power of God upon our lives.

  3. That they will be sanctified.

    May our children be sanctified or set apart and made holy by the power of God's truth.

  4. That they will be one.

    Unity or oneness begins in the home and flows into relationships and into the church body.

  5. That they will behold the glory of the Lord.

    That our children will see Christ for who He really is, rather than their own interpretation.

  6. That they will experience God's love.

    This love is “agape” love – God's love which is shed in our hearts and can overflow into the lives of others.

  7. That they will be prepared and ready to face the battle of life and declare God's glory to the world.

    The purpose of raising our children is to prepare them for God's purposes and plans for their lives.

These were taken from an article written by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies.

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  1. I needed this so badly today. I prayed right now as I read your post. I will be praying tomorrow morning with my prayer partner as well. I think I might be more nervous about the children going, than most mothers, because this is my firt year of putting all four into public school. I've homeschooled from the beginning. I am praying for all those things listed there, and also that they would be able to do their homework and school work very well. Bless you, Kathi


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