Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Visionary Womanhood Part II

This is a continuation of "Visionary Womanhood". You can read the previous posts HERE. Earlier I had shared the mother I was before God touched and changed my heart and life as a woman, wife and mother.
Some Challenging Times
As a young wife and mother of two small boys, my husband and I were open to more children for our family. When our boys were about 6 and 3, I became pregnant again. With our older boys, the pregnancies and birth circumstances were about as perfect as they could be. Great pregnancies with no morning sickness, no complications, fairly easy births. We had no idea this one could be any different. But at 6 weeks, I miscarried this baby. Another couple of years later we were blessed with a pregnancy. Realizing the fragility of life since we had suffered through a previous miscarriage, we entered this pregnancy a bit nervous only to be devastated by another miscarriage. Another year or so went by and another pregnacy test came back positive. I just knew that this one would be ok, it just wasn't possible to have three miscarriages in a row with no explanation was it? The previous miscarraiges happened before 6 weeks, so until then I was very fearful and cautious. This pregnancy made the six week mark and I sighed a sigh of relief. That very week, spotting began and a miscarriage was diagnosed. Only this time, it turned out to be a ectopic pregnancy where the embryo doesn't leave the fallopian tubes. A surgery was needed and as my body recovered, my heart shut down. In my grief after the third loss, I felt in my spirit the Lord speak that a baby would be in His time, not mine. But in my mind, I shut the door to more children. In fact so much that we gave away all of the baby stuff we had been saving. The boys were getting older - 9 and 6, so we concentrated on the blessings of the children we had been given finally realizing that God was the total author of life and we were blessed.
There is more to this journey - to be continued...

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