Monday, August 11, 2008

Visionary Womanhood Part III

This is a continuation of a personal account of God's grace and guidance in my life as a Christian woman, wife and mother. You can read from the beginning HERE. For a quick recap, I was a mother of two boys, had gone through the loss of three pregnancies by miscarriage and was moving forward in the busyness of life.
In 2000 my husband got laid off from his job which was the main source of our income. I had a part time job, but began to look for a full time job with benefits as my husband went to school for a different occupation. I was blessed to quickly find a 40 hour a week job with benefits, DH (dear husband) found a school and was in training there and again, we were moving forward from our setbacks.
Before I share my work experience, I want to extend my respect and admiration to mothers who work full time. This was not God's plan for my family, but I in no way want to offend any full time working mothers. I admire and respect you deeply.
As I left my part time job with flexible hours and the ability to pick my children up from school, go home and have some time before dinner and the night time routine, the reality of time crunch hit quickly. My new job was great, but demanding. If it were not for faithful support of family helping with the children, homework, etc. it could not have been done. I got home at 5:30, quickly made dinner and then baths, quick housework and bed to be able to have energy to do it all again the next day. DH finished his training and the quickest job he found was 1 and 1/2 hours traveling time away - on night shift. We passed in the mornings - me to work, him to bed and he was usually gone by the time I got home from work. The boys participated in soccer which meant practice after work and getting home around 8:00 PM. We were stressed, tired and filled up with McDonald's cooking!
It didn't take long to realize that this new "career mom" was wearing on our family. I missed my husband, missed my children, missed picking them up from school, hated how grumpy I always was, hated rushing everywhere and being stuck in the office for 8 hours - dreaming of constructive things I could be doing at home. I was getting miserable, seeing no way out of this type of lifestyle. But, as always, God has a plan for each of us and He was about to unveil it... to be continued.

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