Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visionary Womanhood Part IV

Visionary Womanhood is my "journal" of what the Lord has done in my life as a woman. You can read the preceding parts at Visionary Womanhood.
To quickly recap where we left off, I was now a "career mom". Working 8-5, stressed, grouchy and neglecting my home. We ate out a lot, my husband had gotten a new job out of town and we hardly ever saw each other and things were a little out of whack.
On evening on the way home from work I was listening to a sermon from a local church. The preacher asked "What Is Your Spiritual Vision?" He explained that vision is very important for a Christian. It gives purpose and direction to all of our actions and efforts. It causes us to be continually moving toward something. God has placed within each one of us a passion or desire and He equips us with everything we need to fulfill the vision He has given us.
As I pondered the question, at that time I could not see two hours ahead in my life. It consisted of work, homework, supper, baths and bed and then doing it all over again. But it struck a chord deep in my heart, there has to be more than "this". There has to be something God wants me to do and to be visionary about. So, right then I prayed and asked the Lord to give let me know what vision I needed, what needed to be in my heart as something to pursue and devote my time, energy and attention to.
Just a few days later He answered. At my job during breaks, I would take a fifteen minute walk outside. One day as I was walking and thinking, the Lord clearly spoke into my heart that my vision was to be my family. My family was what He had given me as a personal ministry and responsibility. This was truly "my area" and He had hand picked me to love and care for their needs. My family was to be my career. I began to reflect on all the time that I had not used wisely when I was a stay at home mom. All the times I was out and about and not nurturing our home. Thoughts came about the free time I had, but did not use wisely, the opportunities I had and had not taken advantage of. It then hit me how if I took the time and effort, I could save a lot of money by cooking better meals, I could nurture my children, keep my home, love my family. It was also a realization that these ones dearest to my heart were getting the worst of me because by the end of the day, I was grumpy, irritable and not meeting their needs with love and nurture, but meeting their needs with the bare necessities. Oh how my heart longed to be at home again! I would surely do things differently! This vision truly resonated into my heart and became my new desire and goal. I prayed to God with thanksgiving and apprehension - Lord, this is Your plan and it is now my vision, but I don't know how to get things in this direction. So, if this is Your will, I know that you will make a way and I will gladly accept it.
Next volume will be how God created a way...to be continued

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  1. Isn't it great how God speaks clearly when we listen? Looking forward to reading more....


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