Monday, August 4, 2008

Visionary Womanhool Part I

Mothering Before God's Vision

As a young married couple, my husband and I always agreed that when we had children, I would be a stay at home mom. When the babies were born three years apart, I was happy not to be working an out of the home job, but was far from a stay at home mom. Our days were spent at my mother's with the soap operas going all day on the television, going to lunch several times a week at a restaurant. In fact, most days we were gone all day and many days, hurried home just before Dad got home and threw some kind of dinner together for the family. My home was usually clean, but not nurtured as my heart was not at home.
When the boys got bigger and the youngest was ready for kindergarten, I found work outside the home. I reasoned that since the boys were now in school, they didn't need me that much. I found a part time job which allowed me to work around school hours.
My spiritual life was mostly on the outside. I attended church, worked various jobs in the church and attended many church meetings. My church activities were numerous and many times my family stayed at home while I attended meetings or ministries. I had the look of a godly woman, but I had a lot of growing to do.
I had no idea of the transformation that would take part in my life, but as I look back, am so thankful that the Lord knew everything that I needed.


  1. Isn't that the truth! The Lord knows exactly how to work in us even though on the outside we look perfectly fine.
    Sure would like to hear more about how He transformed you.

  2. It's intersting how we can be stay at home moms but not at the same time because our heart is else where. Thanks for being so truthful about what it was like for you.


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