Friday, August 1, 2008

We are not dog people...

Our family has not had much luck with dogs in the past. So, for several years now we have not had any dogs. "We're just not dog people", we would say. Dog people have to spend so much time and energy on the pet and we just don't have the time etc.. Plus, dogs make such a mess in the yard, they tear up stuff - no we told ourselves, "we are just not dog people."
Then, the youngest son began at Christmas time asking for a puppy. Anywhere we went where there was a dog, he was right there petting and loving it. We kept thinking, we really should get him a dog, but never did. Then remember if you read back a few posts, on this son's birthday, Daddy on a whim picked him up this cute puppy. The son is thrilled to no end to have his own puppy. But look at what happened to these "We're not dog people" people:
This little guy seems to have worked his way into our hearts and home:

Everyone takes a part loving the puppy, he gets walked, petted, loved, toys and tons of attention. Maybe we are beginning to be "dog people!"


  1. How precious! We got a new pup in October of last year and it has been a whirl wind! She has torn up so many things and dug so many holes and made messes of things, but you know, she is an awesome dog and we love her! She is through the worst part of puppy-hood now and things are way better! Enjoy yours while she is little!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. here's the thing: we are dog people. and when we lost the love of our doggy life, it nearly broke our hearts.

    then we moved into town, had more kids, and realized all the things you mentioned about time, energy, etc. i am scared that we are becoming, "not dog people". i don't want to feel this way, but life is so easy without a pet.

    our kids LOVE animals though.

    i think we need some family therapy. so happy for you that you've opened your hearts to the pet world.


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