Friday, September 19, 2008

Feminine Friday

Over at The Barefoot Mama each Friday, ladies share things that make them feel pretty and feminine. This is my first time sharing on Feminine Friday, but as my boys would say "this is all me"! I love girly things, pretty colors, pretty decorations, candles, dresses and scents.

This is my newly organized (see previous post) scent collection. When I was a child, my mother suffered from severe allergies and sensitive skin. The theme of our home was "unscented". We could not use scented lotions, laundry soap, shampoos, candles or perfumes as it would aggravate her allergies. I remember passing women in the store or places and a slight, fragrance would float by. That was what I wanted to be like!
So, when I got married and my own home, from day one I filled it with scents. I choose the strongest smelling laundry soap, shampoo, lotions, candles. There are in my home scented plug ins, air fresheners, etc., you name it, it is there!! Nothing makes me day more than someone entering my home and saying "your house smells wonderful"!
I also want to carry a nice scent with me all day. So through the day a variety of scents come into play. Lotions, perfume and body spritzes keep me fragranced up. At work, candles are lit to bring a sweet aroma to my workplace. Scents make me feel feminine, so I indulge a lot!!


  1. We like scents in our home too though I try to make them more natural such as essential oils in a small bath of water, spiced cider on the stove, or spritz myself with rosewater. Nice scents are definitely feminine!

    Blessings for your weekend.

  2. Oh, what a great collection of yummies! I love everything scented too. Being a girl is so much fun!!

    xoxo Sharon

  3. i love this meme! i may have to try it out!!! i love being a girly girl! lol

  4. I love your collection! I bet it seems divine - I'm the same way with scents. I love how they bring back memories and inspire new ones. I love all perfumes, sprays, etc - for me AND the home, LOL!


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