Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary

My mother and father in law will be celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary today. I consider it a blessing and a joy to be part of their family and want to wish them a very Happy Anniversary! You don't have to look hard into their lives to see many attributes of a Christian marriage. First and foremost, they have a love for the Lord and seek Him and His ways in all they do. They have a love and devotion for one another in their marriage and together in heart, they reflect this love, care and commitment in all of their relationships. They are unified to serve the Lord in their ministries which are marked with faithfulness, commitment, integrity and perseverance. They love their children, grandchildren and diligently care for aging loved ones around them. They work hard in all they do but always have time to stop and visit or extend hospitality and show love and care to everyone around them.
Here is a picture of them at a summer church event. They would probably prefer that I showed a picture with them dressed up and posing, but this picture conveys their love for each other and the joy they have in life.
Happy Anniversary Nana and Papa! We love you very much!

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