Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help! I'm Compulsive!

Today I had a day off from work and had some rare time at home alone. Don't get me wrong, I dearly love having my family around, but every once in a while a day at home alone is glorious! The first thing that I did was light some candles. With three sons, we have to be very careful with candles, so while it was just me...I lit away!

And lit some more...I decided to count how many I had lit...there were 10!

But that is ok, I had a task that needed to be attended to. I'm bearing my soul here for all to messy, unorganized bathroom. This is not the way I usually operate, but I love lotions, bath gels, hair stuff, etc. Oh, and the Avon lady lives next door to me! How convenient to feed my addiction to these lovely things. So...for accountability sake, here it is... the ugly mess

What a mess! I unloaded, threw away in one pile and gave to a local thrift store that which I just wasn't going to use anymore. Here is what is left: Please tell me that you all have this much girly stuff in your bathroom right??? You never know what kind of mood you will be in. Don't worry, my moods are covered with scents, baby, floral, sensual, deep moisturizing - I've got it all

But after the sorting and trashing, what is left got neatly put away and this is the final result!

Thanks for going through this experience with me. Candles, lotions and hair products may be a bit compulsive for me... but as long as it is neat, I"m ok with it!

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  1. I'm a candle fanatic! They are so relaxing. I light them when I'm stressed. : )


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